Theme Of Scarlet Letter Essay Research Paper

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Theme Of Scarlet Letter Essay, Research Paper ?The rose bush, by a strange chance, has been kept alive in history; but whether it had merely survived out of the stern old wilderness, so long after the fall of the gigantic pines and oaks that originally over-shadowed it, -or whether, as there is fair authority for believing, it had sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Anne Hutchinson, as she entered the prison-door, -we shall not take upon us to determine.? In The Scarlet Letter, author, Nathaniel Hawthorne effectively sets the mood for this dismal novel. The ugliness and rust in the prison and cemetery seems like the last place for any kind of beauty to be. But the rosebush grows contrasting with the depressing backdrop offering a sort of sweetness to this tragic

story. In this tale, practically every main character is faced with a dreadful sin or evilness, but within the malice, there is also a pleasant side to each character?s transgression, illustrating hypocrisy. Hester Prynne is introduced as a tall, beautiful woman condemned for committing a serious sin of adultery. During her most significant scene, the first time she must climb the scaffold as disapproving eyes gaze upon her, Hester is described as being extremely graceful and brave. Even though Hester is labeled with an awful accusation, underneath all the sin, lies a young woman in love with a man. Chillingworth, Hester?s husband, admits that their marriage displayed no kind of love, so it was only expected that Hester get involved with a man she actually cared for. She was in

fact the victim among the other characters by being forced to marry Chillingworth without loving him and had to deal with Chillingworth?s selfishness, which permitted him to marry the young girl ? knowing all along that she never loved him. And lastly, she is the victim of Chillingworth?s stupidity in leaving his wife alone in Massachusetts. Treated as an outcast for about seven years, Hester is finally considered to be free from the “A.? When the Puritan community realized that Hester was in fact not as corrupt as supposed, they decided that she could return as a regular citizen in their village. In addition there?s Pearl, the ?demon?s offspring?. She is described as a ?luxuriant beauty; a bright complexion, eyes possessing intensity both of depth and glow.? With Pearl?s

breathtaking appearance, her personality is somewhat odd. Her mood alters frequently. She may be laughing uncontrollably one minute, and the next, in an angry rage. She?s an outcast herself, just like her mother symbolizing the sin itself, constantly reminding both Hester and Dimmesdale of what they have done. Her strange behavior has her seem like a cold, un-real elf like creature, but as her father, Dismmesdale, who first denied he is her father, acknowledges that she is his daughter; she transforms and is no longer elf like. Instead she is crying and kisses him, showing human qualities. Hester and Pearl remained together through the entire story. In the beginning, they were introduced on the scaffold together and in the end, they wept for Dimmesdale?s death along side one

another. They were both viewed as iniquity, and equally offered an unadulterated side to be considered by both readers and the Puritan society. Hawthorne?s attempt to display hypocrisy was successful in The Scarlet Letter, proving to be a story where even the worst positions may be somewhat agreeable.