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Theme Of Love Essay, Research Paper In society today, when someone mentions the word “Love” and are referring to love between two of no relation, it is guaranteed that at least half the people surrounding you will shudder. Whether it be through observation or experience, people have come to learn that Love is far from being the ideal state in which one should live in and, for that matter, many choose to stay away from it. It is known to break hearts, to hurt feelings and, believe it or not, it truly is not always happily ever after. Yes, Love does have its positive points. It is thrilling and exciting when you’re in love, it is sometimes even euphoric but the argument here is not whether Love is good or bad for you. The argument is that it has as many cons to it as it

does pros. One is not eternally happy when they are in-love. There are negative aspects to it as well. There is deception, blindness, vulnerability, as well as na?vet?. It takes plenty of effort to work at a relationship. Love can be one-sided, miserable, even merely intoxicating. The percentage rate of suicide due to love being rejected, not forbidden, is extremely high. This is part of reality and it has been accepted by some of the population, yet there are some people that still believe it is a dream world. Are the descriptions of love in Like Water for Chocolate, The Princess Bride, and Tristan & Iseult the ideal perception of what real love today is truly about, or are viewers being deceived by a faulty image? When examined, Like Water for Chocolate, Tristan &

Iseult, as well as The Princess Bride each exemplify the idea of forbidden yet always transcendent love, thus deceiving readers and viewers into the fallacy that “Love conquers all” and placing a distorted image that without love, there is nothing and with love, you do not need anything else. The Princess Bride talks about Heartbroken, Buttercup who goes into mourning for her lost love, and re-emerges five years later as the unwilling bride-to-be of the evil Prince Humperdinck. To make matters worse, Princess Buttercup ends up being kidnapped by a trio of kidnappers. Fortunately, Buttercup’s true love, Westley, is still alive and has come back to rescue her. Of course, before the couple can be reunited in blessed matrimony, there are a number of interesting obstacles to

overcome. “The Princess Bride” evokes the wonder of fairy tales, with its damsels-in-distress, evil monsters, and generous portions of romance thrown. A wonderful fairy tale it is and knowing full well that nothing is to be taken literally, it is only natural for one to sift the true meaning behind this movie. Love conquers all. As many times as this phrase is to be used, it is necessary to keep mentioning it. It is understandable to say that this movie has been created for children, but is it not wrong to deceive them about the idea of love? It builds an unnecessary idea that there is no stopping Love when it comes your way. There is slight suffering in the movie when Buttercup feels the loss of her true love, and then loses him again for the second time after the Prince

attempts to kill him. Yet, Westley revives, twice, on the basis that he has promised his one and true love that he shall be back for her. Nothing is going to stop him. As for Buttercup, she remains ever-so-faithful for 5 years until she is forced to marry the prince and would rather die with her love than to live without him. Do children also keep in mind that Buttercup and Westley had hardly uttered more than two words to each other at one time before they helplessly fell in-love? Love at first sight may exist, but not in the way it is displayed in the movie. Another slightly disturbing issue is that this movie is not only made for children Like Water for Chocolate is a novel that is mixed with love, hate, relationships, humor, tradition, destiny and magic that are all revealed