Theme Of Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Theme Of Lord Of The Flies Essay, Research Paper Hope in One Person As a whole society we all need rules and punishments to keep unruly people in line. Though we are all not the same type of people, there is all ways a natural born leader to bond a discouraged and uncooperative group of people together towards hope. These natural talents are demonstrated by a 12 year old boy named Ralph, he uses his skills to survive in the insane island in the novel, Lord of the Flies. Leadership encourages hope within the doubtful group of kids headed by Ralph in the novel, Lord of the Flies. Ralph s leadership brings the boys together by giving them a common goal to survive. By giving the boys a common goal they respect one other and have a sense of togetherness to complete their goal to

survive. Also their respect for each other brings peace and happiness for a little while on the island. Through Ralph s leadership, hope is obtainable for all those who live on the island. For example hope offers a reason for living and for doing their assigned duties. Through Ralph s leadership he orders the building of a signal fire, for that day that they may be rescued. The idea of the fire enhances the capability of Ralph s leadership skills and reasoning. This also ensures Ralph the confidence to be more then willing to face greater and more impossible challenges in the near future. Through Ralph s Leadership, hope was not a dream and it brought reality towards rescue. Trust destroyed peace within the society Ralph had built in the novel, Lord of the Flies. Trust is the

bases of leadership, without trust there is no team to survive. When Ralph trusted the littleuns to work without his guidance, he put faith in them that they will work for their common goal to survive. In stead of working they screwed around, that cost them dearly in up coming events in the book. Ralph s other fatal mistake was to trust Jack with power. Without knowing it Jack single handily formed a second tribe, which was full of hate, fear, and evil. Ralph s trust in Jack nearly killed him and other innocent life on the island, but indeed it paid a toll that cost Simon and Piggy s life as well. Ralph trusted each member of his tribe to treat others with the same respect he would have liked to be treated. For example, the older kids were mistreating the littleuns by destroying

their things and by breaking the rules as well as the littleuns. Trust was once again broken when Jack slapped Piggy on the face and when he raided Ralph s camp. Ralph was right to trust people but he didn t really knew who to trust, trust is a big part of leadership without it there is no team. Society is the break-up of man and the reason why Ralph is on that island in the novel, Lord of the Flies. To wage war you need two sides to fight, using your bare fist or advanced weapons, your objective is to kill your enemy. The Navel Officer who landed on the island wore the medals and ribbons awarded to him for valor and honor in the heat of battle for killing someone. Same thing when Jack was hunting Ralph, Jack was looking for honor in killing Ralph in a primitive way. Power in

society will also bring hate towards another person. As one gains power another person will try to take it from you, Ralph found power through his skills as a true leader to survive. Jack wanted the power to do evil and to stay on the island as ruler. Society is the reason for them being on the island. Man was at war with man, and on the island, the kids were doing the same thing but in savage ways. Ralph is the true survivor that grew from this dreadful experience. Society teaches Ralph that man will never get along as long as there are two minds that think differently. Through leadership and perseverance, Ralph is the true survivor of this hell driven island. Leadership, trust, and society are a common factor in today s life, we all need to lead ourselves through society s