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The Yellow Wall-Paper Essay, Research Paper In ? The Yellow Wall-Paper?, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the main character was described as a little insane woman. In the beginning of the story, although she was suffering from a continuous nervous breakdown, her mental condition was not so serious and deep. She had a good family, nice house, and she also had talent in writing. However, she was getting more and more serious and even got crazy just by saying husband that she?ve got out at last. Then, why did she say so? Here, we can prove there are some reasons why the main character said so through the following evidences; (1) her oppressive husband, (2) prohibition from writing, and (3) struggle of herself. First, there was John, her husband, to overprotect her. John was over

her both husband and doctor. Also he was being the dominent person in the marriage like a male of typical middle-class in the past. He just told her to rest and sleep and never listened to her ; ? Personally, I disagree with their idea. Presonally, I believe that congenial work?would be me good?but??( p 388, ll 19~24). Even though she tried to discuss her feeling, his stern, reproachful look made her not tell anything, only go back her bed. In addition, he also thought what she said would be just silly fantasies and illusion. she was almost imprisoned in her bedroom with the yellow paper. Moreover, she could not have visitor, either. That is, Such his oppressive action pushed her deeper into madness Secondly, she was even not allowed to work on the write because of her oppressive

husband; ?So I take ?absolutely forbidden to ?work? until I am well again?( p388, ll 16~18), ? there comes John, and I must put this away?he hates to have me write a word ? ( p 389, ll 29~30). Of course if people who have mental problems work or wander anywhere without any protectors, it will be so dangerous. However, it is not the best way for them to prohibit anything. Rather, we should listen to them very carefully and make them talk and write anything in their mind. In the story, if John allowd the main charater who was interested in writing to write whatever, she would not get crazy and find out woman behind the yellow wallpaper Finally, she determined that the image was in fact a woman struggling to become free, she somehow aligned herself with the woman. In the story, she

mentioned that she saw the woman creeping outside; ? I see her in that long shaded lane, creeping up and down?I don?t blame her a bit…I always lock the door when I creep by daylignt…John would suspect something at once?( p 396, ll 25~32). This showed she was seeing herself in the woman and when she saw the woman creeping outside, she saw herself. When she crept outside she locked door because she was afraid husband. She wanted the woman to be free of the wall-paper but did not want to let her go because the woman was her insanity. But at last she found the courage to confront her oppressor and stand for her ?self. She not only fought the struggle of her male dominance of a society but also of herself. She at last triumphed over her husband as well as herself in freeing her

soul. In conclusion, the main character who was suffering from nervous breakdown got really crazy at the end of the story because of her husband, the society and weak herself. In the story, John refused to listen and ignored her wishs. And in the society that men dorminated women, she could not do anything even writing and disobey her husband. Also throughout the woman behind the yellow wallpaper, she realized how she desired to free. And at last in order to escape from her everything that had bothered her for a long time, she gave up her condition and gaind her independence just by getting crazy