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The Wwf Effect Our Chilren Essay, Research Paper Does Professional Wrestling Corrupt Our Youth? Media analysts have uncovered a new culprit in the growing culture of violence among American youth, professional wrestling. Long considered boorish and pretentious, televised wrestling is now regularly full of vulgarity, obscenity, and sexual innuendo. Critics say professional wrestling reinforces sexual and ethnic stereotypes and communicates to young people that violent, vengeful acts are morally acceptable. The devastating impact of all this violence affects children, because one-third of the viewing population is children under the age of fourteen. Years ago professional wrestling gave up the silly notion that it was simply a sporting event. Promoters, programmers and the

wrestlers themselves admit the matches are choreographed and a winner is predetermined. Now, there are scriptwriters who write lines for wrestlers to recite in the ring, in backstage dressing-room banter, even in car chases. Running story lines of feuds between the wrestlers and their women followers have included attempted rape. Threats of killing are common in the prematch rhetoric. Real wrestling is secondary and participants are not so much athletes as actors. I feel that professional wrestling, especially the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), corrupts the moral values of our youth and has taken a step in the wrong direction, especially concerning women. It makes womanizing seem glorious and acceptable. In the past year, the WWF has stooped to portraying violence against

women. This violence is not portrayed as women wrestling each other, but as men beating up women. There are many sexual stereotypes occurring in the world of wrestling that damages the minds of children. For example, the WWF has had a character called “The Godfather.” His gimmick is, he’s a pimp. He has women dressed like prostitutes follow him around. He calls them his “ho train” (whore train). If he is defeated, his opponent supposedly takes the women from him for the night. I feel that his is very damaging to the mentality of both boys and girls. This teaches boys that women are mere sex objects and are inferior to men. Because of the WWF little girls grasp the idea that their intelligence does not matter, just their body. It also instills in their mind that women

are not equal to men, but of lesser value. I believe that this type of observed behavior ultimately damages the morality of children and obscures the difference between right and wrong. In addition to the womanizing that is apparent in the WWF, there are also many sexual innuendoes in reference to women. I watched one episode of WWF Smackdown! on UPN and was shocked by what I saw. Val Venus, whose ring persona is that of a porn star, addressed the women in the audience: Tonight, I would like each and every one of you to invest in the Big Valbowski s mutual fund. You see, it s always up more than it s down, and I promise you there will never be an early withdrawal. Big Valbowski is Venus nickname for his penis. Try to think of a gentle way to tell your twelve year old daughter

what he meant by that. This type of innuendo degrades and disrespects women. Val Venus disrespect women and talks down to them like they are less than human. In my eyes, this type of behavior demonstrates to young boys that women are only worthy enough to be treated as sexual objects. Millions of children are watching this on TV. This will cause many of them to grow up thinking that this is acceptable and normal. According to Dr. Bandura, a behavioral psychologist, People become aggressive because they have learned by experience, observation and/or imitation that it pays. A child’s readiness to learn through imitation is a mixed blessing, as any mother will tell you. Children pick up undesirable behavior as quickly as they pick up desirable activities (20/20 Internet). What