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memory for forgetting. Very few older people are as peacefully content with their disposition as is Granny Jackson. She is a role model for all of us. Phoenix Jackson is the kind of woman everyone would like to call Grandma. Because of her age, she has had many experiences in life. She is funny, polite and full of endurance and strong will to take on whatever is necessary to overcome the challenges that she must face. The author has portrayed Phoenix with a subtle warmth that is endearing to the reader while simultaneously supplying an ample amount of symbolism. The author wants the reader to like Granny so that they will pay more attention and can relate to the problems she endures during her journey, especially ones that are uniquely related to her being black. The overall

symbolism of the story is how the endurance, resourcefulness and strong minds of the black culture can overcome the suppression brought about by the white culture, even in the face of death.