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the legalization could bring lots of benefits to the government, and to businesses. Today, the sale and distribution of drugs is a somewhat major crime, but if drugs were legalized, it would virtually eliminate drug dealing, trafficking on the streets. If dealing and trafficking are done through stores or shops, and then the government could put a high sales tax on drugs, and make a very large and steady profit, while at the same time, saving money spent on inmates convicted of drug related crimes. The legalization would even clean up our streets, because people will no longer want to deal drugs, due to the fact that people would not want to buy drugs that could possibly be fake or laced with something. The last benefit of legalizing drugs, is that it could be used for medical

purposes, not only to relieve people who feel that they need something to relax themselves, but for the researchers who one day may find some astonishing use for drugs that are illegal right now. In today’s society, there are so many things leading people towards using drugs, whether it is in the form of music or on television or in any other form of media. No matter how much money is spent on education about drugs or on enforcement about drugs, there will always be a demand for them. Rather than spending money on prevention programs, the government could make money off the tax revenues from the legalization of drugs. No matter what the choice is, the outcome will have its benefits and disadvantages.