The World Of Christianity Essay Research Paper

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The World Of Christianity Essay, Research Paper The World of Christianity Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazareth about 4 BCE. Jesus was said to have been born in Bethlehem, during Herod’s reign. So they started the Christian calendar soon after and started with year 1. Jesus and his 12 apostles traveled from place to place teaching and healing. When the Sanhedrin heard of Jesus’s teachings about he, being the savior, “The Son of God,” he condemned Jesus to death. Pontius Pilate overseen the execution. Jesus was crucified soon after on a cross where he died. Christianity is found almost everywhere in the world today. It accounts for almost one-third of the world’s population. Christianity originated in the area around ancient Palestine and spread from there.

By 300 CE the religion had spread throughout the Mediterranean Sea, reaching to all coasts. The more densely populated areas being Carthage, Ephesus, and Constantinople. Some think it had spread so well because it was so easy to embrace. There were not any myths, just a real person with great ethics. Christianity broke into several different religions and denominations. It started all with Christianity and in 1066 AD it split, separating into the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox churches. After that the Eastern Orthodox branched into Protestantism and that had 3 distinct branches: evangelical, reformed churches, and episcopacy. The Roman Catholic also had a time of reform and it branched out as well. Today there are dozens of religions that had branched off of

Christianity. The basic beliefs of the Christians have been practiced for centuries. Perhaps the greatest belief, The Bible, and the 27 books that make up the New Testament. They believe in divine creation, and an increased emphasis on God the father. God is the foundation of the Christian religion. Also the beliefs that all men are created equal, and belief in the scripture. They believe in first God, then Jesus, and then the Holy Spirit. This is called Arianism, or the Trinity. The belief that God had created heaven and earth and Christ, his son, in the power of the holy spirit. Jesus had died so all humans could go to heaven, eternal life. They believe in baptism, as a way to accept God as the one true God. There are lots and lots of beliefs, each denomination views them in a

different way. Christianity was built with the Pope chosen to lead. It began with Jesus and the 12 apostles. The first Christians were Jews, and then they were converted to the faith. Peter founded churches and was the head of the church in Rome. The bishop of Rome is the Pope. The Holy Father chooses cardinals, and these are his assistants. They make up the College of Cardinals. The cardinals elect the new Pope when the seat is empty. In 1869, Pope Pius IX assembled the Vatican council. Still the home of the Pope and council yet today. The bishop is the most important leader in a large church, he is the supervisor. The deacons are the most important in the local churches. Priests give the ceremonies and conveyed the message of Jesus to the public.