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them in their own life times but will have to be dealt with by those to come. One large problem dealing with the environment is the landfill space or lack there of. While the methods used to dispose of the earths waste have been somewhat successful, there is only so much space that we can use before the trash that we produce over flows into our back yards. Just like Sara Senthia Silvea Stout who would not take her garbage out, if we don?t deal with this quickly growing problem it may be to late. Luckily some of the futures brightest minds are learning about the situation at an early age and will soon develop the knowledge it will take to clean up this mess. Today?s youth is also wising up to the fact that we can?t continue to keep killing each other in the streets over childish

difference like territory that we don?t even own. We are learning to look past skin color and religion to see that we are all human. In order for the human race to continue to be that dominate species we must stop killing our own kind like savage beasts. The only sad thing is that it took an incidence like Columbine to really open our eyes to the problem of social discretion that is the poison of today society. Yet the only people you can blame for the problem with my generation?s views of each other is the adults that taught them to think with such small-minded mentality. It seems that more often these days I?m opening the newspaper to find and article about a fifteen-year-old child genius that is already earning a degree from a large university and moving on to a high paying

job in a very respected field. It amazes me what we are capable these days. We are a generation that thrives on out doing each other intellectually. There is no doubt in my mind that we will soon revolutionize the world, as we know it. In a society built by dreamers we are some of the best by far. Since most things have already been done or accomplished we are able to reach further and improve on what has been created or not even thought of yet. I personally can?t wait to see what we are fully capable of doing. Chapter 6 To kind of change to subject for a moment I?d like to sort of let some of my own inner thoughts and dream spill out into written word. Just for the simple fact that while I?ve been giving my opinion on several subjects, I think its only fare that you learn what

has been manifesting in my brain over the past years to create what I hope to one day make a reality for myself. Since I?ve grown up in a middle class family I?ve often dreamed of a successful life. I know there has always been a point in most people?s lives when they have dream about what they will become and the wonderful life they will make for themselves. For myself, I?ve always thought that I would do something to become rich and famous quick. This may have been what first inspired me to sit in front of my computer and try to write a book. Even as I type this right now I?m imagining what will come of it. Will this simply be a file that remains on my computer unfinished and forgotten about? Our will I one day publish it and go on to write several novel that are read by a

large audience. The future is a funny thing to think about, because there are so many possibilities and factors that could change the course of my life. Perhaps I will become a famous actor on the big screen, or a rich politician that will become president. One thing I know for sure is that I wont be one of those guys that live in the same town he grew up in where everyone has known him since he was a little kid. You know the kind of guy that I?m talking about. The one that went to a college close to home and came back to be a teacher, coach, or manager of a furniture store. Don?t get me wrong, these are all great people that make great parents, but that?s not a life that I want for myself. I want to make a name for myself in this world, and in order to do that I?ve got to do

something big to get recognized and get out of this small town. Bibliography dave cox is cazy