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enough to get into college with out sports, then which decision should he make? On one hand he will make his father proud witch is what he has been doing his whole life. On the other hand he could fulfill his own dream of going to a college that is not focused manly on sports. If he follows his father then he will always be known has a joke, if he follows his dream then he will be known for his brilliance. The choice is his, but which road will lead to happiness? Some say the dream, but others say the happiness of a loving father out weighs any dream. While I will agree that this may not be a large problem it still puts a lot of pressure on a teen while trying to finish out your high school years. And in his world this may have been the biggest problem of his life, while in

another it was icing on the cake of troubles. For example a high school senior that has a low GPA, but a bright mind. This senior is going to have to work hard trough Junior college before able to transfer to a four year college. This was not in his plans at a younger age and it has him somewhat discouraged the last year of high school. He know what he has to do to get into a two year college, which is very little, but he is still getting hounded on by everyone to do his best at the end. His family is not exactly rolling in money for him to go to a big college on, and a two-year college first would be a lot cheaper then straight into a four-year university. If he busts his but to slightly pull himself out of a whole at the end of the year then he may be able to get accepted to a

big college with most of his friends, but could be afford it. The best thing for his family is the two-year college, yet in his eyes the best thing for him is to be with all his friends. Should he push himself to get further and put his family in debt so he can be happy, or does he do what will be easier for him and his family by sliding through the rest of high school and just going to the smaller college? You might be surprised how common this problem is among today?s high school kids. Yet it?s still not the worst thing that a teen can go trough. The biggest problem would be a senior that is thinking he can not get any where in life not matter what he does. This is the guy that you will most often find in the back of class asleep because he doesn?t think he should try or put

forth any effort. His parents have not paid enough attention in his eyes and for this he hates them for bringing him into this world. He is just waiting for the day when he turns 18 so he can drop out of school. He?s not thinking of getting a G.E.D. to go on to some sort of technical school though. He often speaks of the fact that he has a gun at home and when he turns 18 he can buy bullets. ?This will be the fastest way.? He has mumbled to a few classmates that grow concerned that he might not be kidding around. And when they go to the guidance office to report what he has said, the consoler tells them that she is busy today and tomorrow, but she will try to get to it sometime Thursday around 10:30. This is the worst situation that I have ever heard of in my entire life. What

could possible lead this teen to think killing himself is the only way out of his problems. And how could a guidance consoler put a problem like this off for two in half days with and real concern for the teen?s life. It makes you wander why we are so surprised when a teen walks into a school and blows himself away and takes a few with him. People try to blame high school shootings on television or heavy metal music because it is easier to blame something on someone else other than you. The world today puts to much pressure on teens growing up. Not to fight in war or get a job, but to just be a teenager. There is to many groups that we are supposed to fit into and to many standards that we have to meet in order to be socially acceptable. In order for today?s generation of teens

to freely be accepted they are going to have to become adults and replace the older generation that are to stuck in their own ways to truly let us be our on persons. Chapter 5 Our ideas are new and fresh and this often intimidates our elders that fear change and the fact that they will soon be replaced by younger, fresher, and more creative models. Today?s students are learning more and faster then thoughts before us. My opinion, which may not matter much to most, is that if we are developing are mind faster and better than we should be able to share our educated views with the rest of the world before the destruction that we already have to clean up gets any worse. Generations before us have already been careless with the environment and several other things that may not affect