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soon found out just how lucky I was to be able to live my own life. While this freedom made me seem like somewhat of a rebel to most parents, it made me seem like a gimps of hope to my peers. Some adults applauded me for my efforts while others saw me as a glitch in their brainwashing scheme. Don?t take this the wrong way, I wasn?t like Jone of arch or anything I was just a glimpse of what most of my friends would one-day experience. I was the truth about what was waiting for them outside of their parents? shell that they had been confided to for their whole lives. It?s to bad that parents shelter their kids for as long as they do. If they would only see that most kids will get involved with sports and do good in school on their own if they would just get the chance to figure

life out on their own, and if they don?t then they probably wont once they are turned loose from their gravy chain. Chapter 3 The largest problem with today society is the constant pressure that teens have put on them by the world of entertainment. While most things on television aren?t bad it?s the little things that make it hard to be a teen. In the days of the boy bands and the rap rock groups most teens are torn between being a ?punk?, with long hair and no real fashion statement other then blue jeans and a t-shirt, and being a ?prep? with gelled hair and tight cloths. This often causes large groups of divers people to cling to those more like themselves. In the splitting of these two groups I?ve seen the best of friends turn the other way when passing each other in the hall.

Now it is possible for the two groups to coincide with each other but it often takes a certain few individuals to bring them together. These people are known as the peace keeps. The ones that don?t choose either side, but choose to be them selves. They are respected by both sides and give to different people a mutual friend. This may only be my personal opinion or the way I see things at my school, but no matter where or when people should be able to relate to what I?m talking about. Through out history there have always been different groups of people living close to each other in society. This is just the way the world works. Yet, in the past ten years there has been a large out burst of ?free thinkers?. What I often find up setting is that in order to fit in with today?s

fashion trends you have to be able to afford the more expensive brands of cloths. Why should a teen be looked down upon just because his or her family can?t afford the most expensive pair of shoes or pants? If you had the chance to walk through the halls of most high schools it would not be hard to pick out the different groups of kids. I guarantee that one thing you are able to notice between the groups is the label on their cloths. There is not much of a difference between Gap jeans and Lee jeans, except about twenty or thirty dollars. This is enough to separate the richer class from the lower class. I say lower class because I want you to understand that these families are not pour. They are just your average class family that works hard to provide for their kids and give them

a home, food, and education that they may not have had growing up. When you are living on a fixed income there is often not enough room in the family budget for fancy and expensive cloths. This often hurts the way a teen sees them. They think they are dirt pour and they resent those kids that have more then them. Then this builds a strong hate between both groups because one has more and the other is just often times stuck up and doesn?t realize how they look down on others. This is the worst problem with society today. There is just too big of a gap between classes that makes it hard for a lot of kids to relate to each other. Chapter 4 In the previous and rather short chapters I have pointed out the factors that I believe lead to what I call the ?No Way Out? problem that most

teens experience around the last two years of high school. This problem can affect all types of teens in several different ways. From the jock that feels that he is being forced to play college ball like his father, to the middle class out cast that doesn?t know what to do with his life. They are all forced to work out this problem on their own despite how many people say they can help them. What finally decides which ones are successful in life is how they choose to handle this problem. Take the jock for instance that cant decide if he wants to play in college. If playing ball is the only way he can get into college then he has not choice but to do what he canned. Yet, if the only reason he accepts a college scholar ship is because his father wants him to even though he is smart