The Work Of The Mind Of Shirley

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The Work Of The Mind Of Shirley Jackson Essay, Research Paper The Work of The Mind of Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson is the author of two very unique short stories titled ?The Lottery? and ?The Possibility of Evil?. She has a very odd style of writing and plot. Her themes are usually pertaining to the peculiar things that humans, the smartest being on the planet, will do upon one another. Shirley?s stories are full of foreshadowing, as in the lottery ?. . . and the other boys soon followed, selecting the smoothest and roundest stones, . . . ? (Jackson p.33). Most of the foreshadowing is not recognized until you read the story a second time. The first time you read it, you are wondering why the kids are collecting rocks, until the end. The rest of her foreshadowing was used

to create suspense. She changes your thoughts on what will happen just when you think you have it figured out. The mood which is set in both stories becomes more and more intense as the story proceeds. In ?The Lottery? you are kept wondering if there was a little more to the outcome of the lottery than what you would think in our modern day lottery. ?The Possibility of Evil?is all about a quiet little lady in her little town and at any moment you think that something drastic is going to happen especially with such a title as ?The Possibility of Evil?. A key part to the stories is the writer?s ability to deceive the reader, making you think that one thing will happen when the opposite occurs. The movie version of ?The Lottery? is preferred over the short story as the visualization

of the unusual events makes the story that much more eerie. In the movie, the story appears closer to reality than the written version because there is more detail, they even name the town and it?s rough location, making the story seem more realistic. The movie also contained more developed characters and more of a story line which gave a more profound impact on the final outcome. The theme on how strange people can be was enhanced with the adding of the sheriff and others that always appeared out of nowhere. The music dramatizes the situation and helps predetermine what will happen next The use of foreshadowing gives the ability to change the reader?s idea on what the outcome of the story and achieves the mood that she desired in ?The Lottery? and in ?The Possibility of Evil?.

The visual effects and the use of sound and music and other developed characters created a considerable effect over the writing to sway the mind of the audience.