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wife that did not love him dictate his actions. The difference between Erec and Petruchio is that Petruchio came to the realization that he had been somewhat tamed, whereas Erec does not. It doesn’t mean he didn’t learn anything about the devotion of Enide, but that all he required was proof of her undying loyalty. The problems with the way Erec and Petruchio handled their respective women problems lies in the women themselves. Kate and Enide, however, never come to the realization that they in fact had the power in their relationships. I believe it is a result of the time they lived in; women were not supposed to have any power over men, and so the thought that they might never crosses their minds. Men like Petruchio and Erec, heroic men, need women to make them feel

complete, and it is this overwhelming need that give the women they love the real power that is realistically hard to see. 330