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ironically being her husband Iago. In the last scene you see Emilia’s strength as a women. Emilia ignores her husband’s command to be quiet and go home. Loudly so everyone can hear her, she curses Iago and states that “perhaps she will never go home”(Act 5 Scene 2 Line 197). Bianca is brought into this play as Cassio’s jealous mistress; he gives her Desdemona’s handkerchief, not realizing whose handkerchief it really was. Cassio asks Bianca to copy the embroidery pattern of Desdemona’s handkerchief. Bianca does so leading to Desdemona’s death. All Bianca’s doings were innocent. She had no clue of her part in this scheme. Bianca plays the jealous mistress whom suspects that the handkerchief is “some token from a newer friend”(Act 3 Scene 4 Line 181), who has

replaced her in Cassio’s affection. This is proof of Cassio’s love of someone else to Bianca. The dissimilarities of these three women are that Desdemona is being accused of an act which she could never take part in. Although, Bianca and Emilia both are admitted cheaters. The idea is unthinkable for Desdemona, She swears that she could never make love with another man. Emilia answers Desdemona by saying she would never betray Iago in this heavenly light-that is, she herself prefers to make love in the dark. Emilia had illusions about men or love or marriage vows. Emilia explains that there are many unfaithful wives and she blames it on the husband. She insists that wives should have the right to do whatever men do. That is where these three women all come into common. They

live in a society where women can not do the thing men do. But, these three women live by their own wills. By being a mistress, by cheating and by marrying a moor. These three women felt that a wife should not be judged nor treated with less respect than a man. Emilia especially speaks strongly on this issue because of her years living as Iago’s wife. Too long has she seen hypocrisy and his faults which she as a women could be censored for committing. As Iago reminded Othello in Act 3 Scene 3 the faithless wife is a well-known member of Venetian society. “In Venice wives do not let even God see the pranks. They dare not show their husbands”(Act 3 Scene 3 Line 202). This proves that even if it is going to be through lying. These three women will get their business equally

done as men do.