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unfortunately does not return the sentiment. Her personality could be described with words such as flighty, dramatic, emotional, and submissive. Other women highlight these characteristics throughout Arthurian Legend. Elaine le Blanke is merely an example of Malory s attitude toward the female persona and the place of women in societal hierarchies. It may have been a good thing that Sir Thomas Malory spent the final twenty years of his life locked up in an English prison. His attitude toward women proved to be both negative, demeaning, and at the same time, inspiring. The fair maid of Astolat is clearly less worldly, dominating, and wise as Queen Guinevere, but she offers a window into the role of the standard woman of the time. Guinevere s strength sets an example that even

young women today could follow, assuming they don t pursue a love affair and break the bonds of marriage. Nonetheless, her strength and desire to procure what she seeks is respectable. In any case, women play varied, yet crucial roles in Arthurian Legend. The image of the woman is one that may be studied for ages and has it s relevance to the time period of character s lives as well as the time period of the reader. 342