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too scared to go back after the murder. She goes and puts them back herself. Lady Macbeth plays a key role as she removes her feminine caring feelings so she can push Macbeth to carry out the murder. Despite this, she does show a moment of humanity, when saying she cannot murder Duncan, for the fact he resembles her father. Then there is Macbeth himself. The main argument is that he commits the murder. He is driven to the murder because of the thought of being king. It is the ambition in his mind that is crucial. He knows that Duncan is a good man and has never done any wrong to him. He owes him gratitude for the honours he has given him. Macbeth is his kinsman, one of the elite and one of his generals. He is his subject, and should not murder his ruler if he has done nothing

wrong. He is also the host and should prevent someone murdering him and not do it himself. He also says ‘He hath honour’d me of late’ which is saying he has received the title of Thane of Cawdor. He says that he should enjoy all the praise he receives and not throw it away. All this shows us that Macbeth is simply too intelligent to be a puppet being used, he is aware of all the consequences but still wants to be king. Also, he could have backed out at any point. There are many opportunities when he allows Lady Macbeth to push him around. When he first meets her he could have said to her that he was not prepared to take extreme measures or right until the end he could have backed out. So an important point is about when Macbeth says he could wait and gain the crown in an

honourable way (If chance may crown me then doves may have me king). Although I still think that Macbeth was responsible the most for the murder of King Duncan. He committed it and let ambition rule him despite knowing the consequences. His ambition was the spur to prick his intent. I think the other two factors are less important but in a way acted as catalysts for the murder, as I have said. 391