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here, and at Calvary (Jn. 19:25) where Jesus is crucified. This suggests Mary’s involvement in the redemption, and is one basis for her title as co-redemptrix in the Catholic faith. There are a number of connections between Cana and Calvary. They are located at the beginning and end of his public ministry. Many scholars say that this suggests her presence throughout his public ministry. At both of these points in Jesus’ life Mary exemplifies the role of a mother as her son’s divinity is being revealed. They show the intimacy between Mother and son. Both episodes also demonstrate Mary’s special consideration towards everyone. At the wedding she intercedes when “the hour” has not yet come. At Calvary she offers her son to redeem all, and accepts the mission Jesus’

gives her to be the Mother of all believers (St. John: 1995). The miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was an extraordinary and significant event, but in the context of everything its importance as a miracle is very little. Humans consumed the wine that was created. The miracle itself exists only in the sphere of mankind. It does not alter the character of life. The significance of this miracle lies in its revelation of the true identity of Jesus the Christ, and its foreshadowing of Jesus’ “hour” in which he gives himself completely for the fulfillment of God’s will.