The Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation Essay, Research Paper The Constitution of the United States was fundamentally sound although in need of a few adjustments. It provided stability and union, a strong central government and only needed a few adjustments, one being the rights of free blacks. The Articles of confederation was the country s first true attempt at uniting the nation and having a central government. It provided a firm league of friendship between states but not a strong enough union to be successful. It had fatal flaws which ultimately led to the writing of the Constitution. The central government under the Articles was too weak to be successful and the states were all in tariff wars and battles over land. The Constitution solved the majority of these

problems. It truly united the states and helped stabilized the relationships among the states. It strengthened the nation as a whole. Under the Constitution, trade between states was now regulated. State incomes were beginning to stabilize and gain profit. There was not as much uncertainty with regards to the law. States knew their rights and their were limits and safeguards on the power of the federal government. This is exactly what the nation needed. It was now truly the United States of America. The Constitution allowed for a strong central government made of three branches. It provided a Congress which also had power and could keep the power of the executive in check. A House of Representatives and a Senate were the two parts of Congress. Each state had representatives in

both sections. The government now had the power to tax and could begin to repay France and England. The new nation could now try to build relationships with foreign countries. Overall, the stronger government strengthened the new nation and gave it a new look. They were no longer an embarrassment to themselves but actually began to look like respectable country. A lot of improvement came with the Constitution. However it was not immune to problems. It was in need a few adjustments, one being the rights of free African Americans. The southern states were less populous than the northern states and were therefore allowed to add 3/5 of the black population to the white population. Free blacks and slaves counted as part of the population in southern states could be citizens, but not

given their rights because of the color of their skin. People in the north disagreed with slavery altogether and many felt that African Americans had rights, although not recognized. The issues of slavery and rights of African Americans would later escalate into a major problem, and would ultimately result in the Civil War. Although in need of a few adjustments, the Constitution was fundamentally sound. It solved the problems that caused many problems for the newly independent country. It provided a new, more powerful government, which would make the United States much more powerful and respectable as a nation. It was a compromise between all the states and pleased almost everyone. The Constitution stabilized the country and allowed it to become something great. It opened the

doors to trade, foreign relations, and to being a prosperous nation. Without the writing of the Constitution, the nation would not be what it is today- the strongest, most powerful country in the world