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name out a numerous amount of times, ?Here Stanley, Stanley,?(22) not knowing how to call a bird. Charlie viciously kills Stanley and buries him the biggest of the two manure piles. On his stay at his grandmother?s, Charlie made a new friend Robert Thompson. He was Aunt Evelyn?s new boyfriend. Thompson was well educated and was studying to become a doctor. Grandma Bradley and Thompson did not get along at all; she refused to feed him and constantly threatened him. Charlie knew three things that made Robert Thompson a remarkable human being. He was going to write a book about a poet called Allen Ginsberg, who he actually met a year prior. Second, he knew a tremendous amount about what made people tick and how to exploit it against them. Finally he was a Buddhist. Charlie learned

many different meditation methods and ways of praying by Thompson. He also thought a few things about what makes people tick. At the end of the story the Ogden boys beat up Robert and Charlie saw the whole thing from the corn patches. Thompson left and returned with the police and asked Charlie to tell them what he saw, and replied ? I don?t know what he?s talking about? I didn?t see anybody.? Charlie was finally in the game and was good at it. No longer a watcher he was a player but Robert Thompson could not appreciate that. This was an exciting and moving story, which shows us the different characteristics of a young boy. I found Charlie to be dramatic and inspiring in many ways. All the characters played a specific role in the development of the surprise ending. It was a great

short story that got me thinking about everyday life and the dilemmas that we would face in the future.