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Month Special: Remembering Trailblazers & a Look at Black Nurses Today. Advance for Nurses.3 (4), 8-9. Black nurses were also remembered when it was time for the nurses to go to war with the American soldiers. There was no segregation when there was a need for nurses during war- time. Black women served as admirable nurses as well as white nurses, in the war. Donahue, M. Patricia, PhD., FAAN. (1996). Nursing: the Finest Art: an illustrated history. St. Louis, MO: Mosby-Year Books, Inc. Every aspect of nursing history was covered in this book. It was very detailed when it came to the wars that the nurses had to volunteer in, because if it wasn’t for the nurses, most of the soldiers would have died. Not only did this book cover nurses, it covered the beginning of nursing

(Florenece Henderson) until the present day (1996). It explained new techniques and great methods of nursing compared to the past. Hillstrom, Kevin and Hillstrom, L.C. (1998). The Vietnam Experience: a Concise Encyclopedia of American Literature, Songs and Films. Wesport, CT: Greenwood Press, Inc. This was an encyclopedia about the Vietnam War. It had a specific section about the women and nurses and the physical and emotional effects the war and soldiers had on them. It had specific sections on many other things such as soldiers, weapons, etc. It was very informative, and gave great detail about women and nursing.