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ancestor of the Wapshots and spoke of the journals he wrote. In them he told of the first Topaz and its captain becoming lost at sea. Then once again the scene shifts, this time to the parade that the two Wapshot boys were watching. This time the parade was the center of attention along with Mrs. Wapshot and the float she was on. After this the story goes to the time before the parade, the beginning of chapter four started with Rosalie Young, right off the bat I was confused. This chapter told of her erotic experience, which was not as boring as the rest of the book. The picture in my head was of different characters that barely related to each other or to the book as a whole. After that the rest of the chapters followed the same trend until chapter eight, where three chapters

were devoted to one person or one account. Every now and then the chapters would become jumbled as in the beginning creating more confusion and adding to the disliking of the book. The Wapshot Chronicle was a disappointment next to the books we read earlier excluding The Scarlet Letter; any book is better than that so-called piece of literature. But, this novel came close to the margin of total disappointment and mostly disappointing. If the style was different the book would have been decent, but the confusion and predictability gave way to a bad book. I hope we don not read anything like this next year.