The Visions Of Light And Darkness- Joseph — страница 6

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anyone to eat onboard the boat. A white man probably would not be able to sustain circumstances like this. The cannibals protect Marlow and take him to the inner station. Once at the inner station the reader is introduced to a new kind of native. The natives which appear here are the followers of Kurtz. They are corrupted by his manipulations, and out of fear, are willing to obey his every command. All of the natives are hollow men. The civilized man is equipped with the lusts and desires for a rich and fulfilled life style while these men are happy in being one with themselves and nature. The reason why these men do not get lost in their own darkness like Marlow and Kurtz is because Marlow and Kurtz and, ?outsiders, unable to ?read? nature and, at least in the case of Marlow,

constantly and uselessly pondering its ?inscrutable? intention, the native is one with it, embraced by it, fairly breathed by it?? (Johnson 71). This paragraph explains clearly why the white men go insane when in isolation and why the natives are defined as hallow men who are easily manipulated and abused by the white men. Here, within explanation of characters, the reader is able to decipher the secret as to why light and darkness can not intertwine with one another. By reading the novel and comprehending all of the different aspects, one will be able to go through both interior and exterior journeys of Marlow. While reading Heart of Darkness one must take George Moore?s advice in that you must study ?the paragraph, and afterwards the page, and after the page the chapter. And

the chapter (should be)sought in relation to the book: the book was always in mind?? (Moore 167). This quote represents the cylindrical cycle which the novel is set in. Once Marlow is finished with his story the untold story of the narrator will begin, and all through his adventure he will surely keep in mind the story of Marlow and the light and darkness in us all.