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game players sometimes import systems from Japan before they are released in the USA. When doing that, the purchaser will pay amounts up to $1000! Why do they do pay these ridicules prices? These video game players are addicted to the market and are always looking for the best. Today?s video games are very entertaining. People spend hours in front of the television to play these games. Why do they enjoy them so much? Maybe it?s the ability to control things like a god. Maybe they just enjoy the way they games look. I don?t know the answer to that, but what I do know, is that it is a very big business. Who will be the eventual winner in the video game wars? Right now, it is probably Nintendo in first place, Sony in second, with Sega at the bottom. The reason for this, is because

Nintendo is the newest, and Sega the oldest. In a few years, however, it could totally change. Sega will eventually bring out a new system which will be better than both the N64 and Playstation. Then, Sega will be in first place. That too, will eventually change. It is a never ending battle and no one will eventually win. Just as in other businesses, new companies will be formed, and old companies will die. For the time being, however, people will enjoy playing the newest and most high tech video games.