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before they even got to where he was on display. They gave him no chance to stand up for himself. That is much of what society does today because it does not give people the opportunity to stand up for themselves. Forceful conformity is an aspect of equality that everyone experiences. Everyone is forced to conform to the norm of everyday life, either by peer pressure, materialistic items or appearance. Peer pressure is the most forceful way of making a person conform. Peer pressure starts in primary school. When one child is involved in something and does not want to be alone, he or she will attempt to lure another child in to participate with them. In A Very Old Man the old angel man is being forced to conform to the watchers. The people came and tried to make him eat mothballs,

because they thought it best for his well being. They came for they old man to heal them. However, in no way did the old angel man conform, he stayed true to what he thought right. Many people in society today conform when they know what they are doing is not right. People conform because it makes others accept them. It was evident that the old angel man did not worry about being accepted because he did not conform to what others thought was best for him. The sad thing in the A Very Old Man.. was that they people never accepted him for who he was. They thought he should have performed miracles or spoke the language of God. The only time the old angel man was not being expected to do great things was when the people moved on to spider girl. In society today people are always

looking for a spider girl, to capture their attention on. In addition, in “Harrison Bergeron” the population was forced to conform to all being average and equal. The people had not choice whether or not to choose to wear a mask or have ringing in their ears. Accepted people in society today are the ones who conform to what others want.