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?feel[s] sorry” for the recruit and asks the recruit to “stay with [him]” for the duration of the attack (183). The narrator does not always follow his values during the novel. During a retreat he leaves Fry wounded on the battlefield, even though Fry screams ?Don?t leave me here alone? (201). The narrator also takes part in ?avenging? the Llandovery Castle; he helps kill unarmed Germans at Amiens (255). Despite this, in the end of the novel the narrator embraces his values once again. When he is wounded on the battlefield he does not “forsake” Broadbent, who is mortally wounded, and “reassure[s]” him (263). The narrator of Generals Die in Bed imparts his values upon the reader throughout the novel. Despite brief respites from these values, he manages to hold true

to his value of learning, life, and commiseration in the end. [794 words]. Works Cited Harrison, Charles Yale. Generals Die in Bed. 1930. Waterdown: Potlach Publications, 1999.