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throughout the novel to convey feeling, but to also provide important developments. The first we hear of Lydia Bennet running away with Mr. Wickham is through a letter from Jane explaining to Elizabeth, ?An express came at twelve last night?from Colonel Forster, to inform us that she (Lydia) was gone off to Scotland with one of his officers; to own the truth, with Wickham!? (pg. 182) This occurrence is a great surprise because not only is Lydia less than sixteen years old, but Wickham was, at one time, pursuing Elizabeth. The news is one of the most scandalous events in the novel, and by presenting it through a letter, Austen can more blatantly present it without any distraction or interruption. Throughout the novel Pride and Prejudice, letters are effectively used for a variety

of purposes. Not only do they reveal secrets and lies, but they also give a more in-depth insight to certain characters. Every time a letter is written, the reader can expect to be intrigued by what they learn from it. This clever form of narration that Austen uses brings out the readers curiosity and makes the story more interesting overall. 35d