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deficiency of potassium leads to deterioration of the cells and tissue, which, in turn, causes the symptoms of this disease to blossom. Ideally, potassium should be obtained through foods if one has normally functioning kidneys. He hypothesized that some poison or decline in kidney function with age degrades ability to concentrate potassium and thus makes it impossible to eat the food from which almost every processing procedure removes potassium these days. Arthritics characteristically have poor nourishment, which is evidence that may support his theory. This may have been the discovery of a new way to help prevent and treat arthritis. One diet which may help to increase the amount of potassium intake is the raw vegetable diet. Although many say it is quite unappetizing, it may

help to cure arthritis, as it did for Weber, himself. This is a classic case of a dietary supplement of potassium having the ability to cure or prevent diseases. Curing rheumatoid arthritis is one other way that potassium supplements can be used to enhance one s health. Cresson Kearny was responsible for finding yet another use for potassium in the lives of humans. He discovered that a salt of the elements potassium and iodine, taken orally even in very small quantities a half hour to one day before radioactive iodine is swallowed or inhaled, prevents about 99% of the damage to the thyroid gland that may occur if the body was pure of other chemical substances. The thyroid gland absorbs both non-radioactive and radioactive iodine, and normally retains much of this element. When

ordinary, non-radioactive iodine is made available in the blood for absorption by the thyroid gland before any radioactive iodine is made available, the gland will absorb and retain so much that it becomes saturated with non-radioactive iodine. His research demonstrated that, when saturated, the thyroid can absorb only about l% as much additional iodine, including radioactive forms that later may become available in the blood. Then, it is said to be blocked. The consumption of potassium, in this case, prevents a person s thyroid gland from being overloaded with radioactive iodine, which may, in some circumstances, prevent early and unexpected fatalities. This effective form of treatment helps to prevent toxication of the blood by blocking enough radioactive iodine from entering

the blood stream. The small amount of radioactive iodine that is left is purified in the kidneys and the waste products are then removed. This is another example of how potassium is used in the maintenance of human life. Although potassium is considered a necessity in the maintenance of human life, it must be carefully regulated and used in its correct dosages. One disease which comes from an excess in the amount of potassium in the blood is Hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia occurs when the level of potassium in the bloodstream is higher than normal. This may be related to increase in total body potassium or excessive release of potassium from the cells into the bloodstream. A defect in the kidneys may cause an inability of the body to excrete excess potassium. Hyperkalemia can have

serious, potentially life threatening effects on the body. The excess amount of potassium can cause chronic renal failure, which is the breaking down or deterioration of the kidneys. This disease may be caused by a variety of different things, ranging from physical injuries to overdoses in medication. No matter what the cause, this disease must be treated with utmost caution. Different people may react differently to the same amounts of potassium in the blood, but, for the most part, and excess can cause very serious health problems which must be taken care of immediately. When under control, potassium levels in the bloodstream will more than likely improve and promote health conditions in living people and organisms. Current research has shown that new discoveries in the use and

mechanism of potassium has helped to promote and improve the health of living things. It may be used to cure symptoms of diseases, prevent diseases from occurring, protect living things from harmful substances in the environment and promote good cardiovascular health. However, potassium must be used at the appropriate levels and concentrations is the blood, otherwise serious defects may occur. As long as potassium is dealt with in a responsible and careful manner, its affects will more than likely improve rather than damage the quality of life of living organisms. Works Cited Hyperkalemia. Online. 11 Dec. 2000. . Haas, Elson M.D. Staying healthy with Nutrition. Online. 10 Dec. 2000. . Kearny, Cresson. Nuclear accident/war preventative medicine. Online. 12 Dec. 2000. .