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undoubtedly unconstitutional, as it comes in direct conflict with the First Amendment. He goes on to state that although its proponents claim it will prevent youngsters from viewing, and therefore acting out violent behavior, it will ultimately fail in accomplishing its objectives. In fact, Maines went as far to say that children have become the new rationale for censorship (1). Perhaps one of the biggest detriments to the use of the V-chip is the effect it will have on parenting. In Screening A La Carte, it makes the point that the V-chip can unfortunately be categorized as one more example of the quick-fix gizmo to which Americans have long been prone (51). The V-chip also shows a total lack of concern amongst the parent. In households where parental concern is high and the

parents are actively involved in their children s lives, there would be no need for the V-chip. Parents in these particular types of households would also be able to differentiate between what should and shouldn t be witnessed by their child. In this case, the threat of violence being acted out by the child is relatively small (Maines, 3). On the other hand, in households with unconcerned parents, the risk of violence is substantially greater, but once again the V-chip would do little to combat this. If the parents are so unconcerned and uncaring, one must wonder if the V-chip will even bother to be activated (Maines, 4). The bottom line is that if parents are truly concerned with what is being broadcast into their homes, then the parents themselves should be the ones to do

something not a box you plug into your television.