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heard the title I thought that it was rather contradicting as when you think of the word ?Anthem? you picture something patriotic and glorified but when I heard ?Doomed Youth? it sounded sad, and morbid. This is probably because youth is thought more of as a lively and prosperous time of life but in this context it is thought more as an awful time. This sonnet is about the millions of soldiers that died fighting for their lives during the war. In the first line it mentions passing bells. ?What passing ? bells for these who die as cattle?? Only the monstrous anger of the guns.? Passing bells used to be the bells that were rung when someone had died or when a funeral is being held. This line is a short ?snappy? question, which would draw the reader in and catch their attention. It

is drawing our minds to think about how many people have died and how it would be impossible to recognize and remember everyone of them when they are dying in huge numbers, just like cattle. Instead of hearing the passing bell ringing which would normally happen, they hear the sound of gun shots around them. Back at home while the war was happening, the family of those fighting were filled with propaganda which labeled fighting as a glorified duty and told that dying for ones country was a true honor. I think that this poet write this sonnet to try and make the soldiers families realize what war was really like. When a soldier came back from war and was reunited with his family, many of them chose to return to the battlefields with his friends. This was because their family had

no real knowledge of the trauma they had gone through and the soldiers would feel like they only people they could relate to would be their fellow men who knew the truth about the battle fields. The Dead Crab By Andrew Young A rosy shield upon its back, That not the hardest storm could crack, From whose sharp edges projected out Black pin ? point eyes staring about; Beneath, the well ? knit cote ? armure That gave to its weak belly, power; The clustered legs with plated joints That ended in stiletto points; The claws like mouths it held outside: – I can not think this creature died By storm or fish or sea ? fowl harmed Walking the sea so heavily armed; Or does it make for death to be Oneself a living armory? I have chosen this sonnet because I love the way it is written. It is

though someone is thinking aloud and wondering how this crab may have died. You would think it would be hard for a crab to be killed as it is almost invincible to all other fish and creatures because of its hard shell. ?A rosy shield upon its back? And also it?s large claws to fend off any other predators. ?Its claws like mouths…? The rhyming scheme for this sonnet is AA BB CC DD. It is also written in iambic pentameter.