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readers are not being lectured to. The reader is given the surroundings of the child, and what the child is subjected to, and are given a choice: accept this treatment of the child, or walk away. (Le Guin, p. 260) Nevertheless, the author also wants the reader to see the irony of the situation where the child is necessary to the society, because the author is trying to tell the reader that everyone needs something against which to compare their existence. One is able to know how well off they are in their country after making the comparison of the lives of people in other countries. As foolish as it sounds, the author is trying to relay the message, without others as a basis of comparison, how does one measure happiness? In conclusion, it is because of this symbolic child that Le

Guin has been able to draw in the reader emotionally, as well as make the reader aware of the issues happening in our society today. The author has also been able to effectively convey the message to the reader, the great unfortunate it is that in order for one to realize his/her blessings, they must compare it with those of the less fortunate. 37c