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who will accept any cost, whether it is debilitating injury, illness or death, to win. Athletic prowess, like musical or artist ability, is a god-given talent. However, unlike musical or artistic talent, the development of athletic talent can be largely influenced by outside factors including nutrition, technique, and dedication to a fitness program. Athletic talent is also influenced by the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The ability of the international community to prevent, detect, and punish drug use in sport has been hindered by a persistent pattern of discrepancies. Existing anti-doping systems fail to provide athletes with the assurance and confidence that the playing field is level. These systems fail for two simple reasons: 1) drug-testing programs most often serve

as a public relations tool and are not designed as effective counter-drug programs and 2) most athletes who choose to use drugs to enhance athletic performance are careful to use masking agents or enhancers to make drugs difficult to detect and stop intake of the supplement well in advance of expected drug tests. Athletes who are willing to cheat will continue to push the limits of science to find new ways to steal the slightest advantage, creating a breed of superhuman athletes. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, under the guidance of director General Barry McCaffrey, recognized the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports was becoming an international crisis of both public health and public confidence. In October of 1999, McCaffrey addressed the Senate

Committee on Commerce to announce U.S. strategy to address drug use and doping in sports. Recognizing that government leadership is critical in eliminating the threat of drugs in sport, ONDCP will work with stakeholders to implement an effective program that will allow athletes to compete on a level playing field. McCaffrey stated Absent of real reform, we risk not only irreparable damages to the beauty and glory of sports but also to the long-term health of our athletes and young people. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport not only jeopardizes the integrity of athletics, but also puts the health and safety of athletes at risk. In sport complexes across the nation, young athletes strive for excellence in sport, day in and day out. Without implementing new standards in

fighting the use of drugs in sport, each of these children is placed at risk of turning to untested chemicals to gain a competitive edge. In banning performance-enhancing drugs and implementing new policies on drug testing, we restore the tarnished beauty and glory of sport. As we watch sporting events, we will no longer have to wonder whether we are seeing a real athletic competition or a duel between pharmacists.