The Use Of History Essay Research Paper

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The Use Of History Essay, Research Paper The Use of History History reaped itself in many cases. By knowing what happened before might give one the ability to predict the future if one encounter the same kind of situation. There is underlining significance behind each circumstance. Whenever people are confused about the current situation whether it is a question of policy, the way we think, or even the way we respond, we look back the past. Amazingly, the answers are usually within. President Clinton is currently struggling for the better solution for world order. He has been trying to improve the situation in the Middle East, but he failed on every single attempt. He has been asked many experts about this issue, however none of the answers he got really worked. He feels

frustrated, and he does not know what to do. All of the sudden, he recorded that he learned the same kind of situations happen a lot in Asia in his Asian history class. And some Asian philosophers came up with pretty good solutions for that. Since the situation in the Middle East is really urgent, he wants to meet those wise people directly instead of reading their posthumous works. So he decide to be the first one to experience the time machine which will bring to anytime, and anyplace of your desire. He successfully got to China, and started his exploration of Chinese philosophy. First he went to Qu-fu, Shan-dong Province to see Confucius. Then Confucius took him to see Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu want them to wait for couple days since Buddha was on the way to visit Lao Tzu as well.

After Buddha arrived, they started to have a series of discussion about the life. Confucius started the discussion by complaining there is no order nymore. Confucius: The world needs a better order! Lao Tzu: The world is fine now if human stop interfering it (Hinz, Autumn, 99). Buddha: Why do we need a better world order? The whole thing is illusion Anyway (Hinz, Autumn, 99). Confucius: What do you mean that the whole thing is an illusion. If you do not do anything to make it a better world, nothing is going to change. Lao Tzu: You guys think too much! Just leave the world and people along. They will do fine if you let them to act and respond according to their natural decisions (Hinz, Autumn, 99). Buddha: (to Lao Tzu) you are worrying about the wrong thing! The whole life is

suffering no matter how you live it! We should try our best to try to entreat for a better afterlife. Lao Tzu: OK! Then tell me what should I worry instead! Buddha: You should try your best to eliminate your unnecessary desires, which is the arch-criminal of this suffering world (Hinz, Autumn, 99)! Confucius: What do you mean by that? Are you saying the whole suffering world will not change no matter do you do. Buddha: Basically that is correct! Confucius: That is so wrong! The future is unpredictable! The past is history, and the present is a gift! We should attach importance of present more than any other time. Only now is the reality. (Unknown) Lao Tzu: Just relax, guys! It is not that big of deal! Do not think too much!Human nature is righteous as long as they have the

availability to choose what do they want to do? Confucius: Even though human nature is virtuous, we still need education to become a better person. Those who are born with knowledge are the highest. Next come to these who attain knowledge through study. Next again come those turn to study after having been vexed by difficulty. The common people who do not study are the lowest one. (Lau 140) I was not born with knowledge, but being fond of antiquity, I am quick to seek it. (Lau 88) Buddha: I agree with you on the point that we all need to learn, but what do we need to learn? Learning how to eliminate desires is very important since it is the cause of the whole suffering (Hinz, Autumn, 99). Lao Tzu: Desires? If you do not teach them to want something, they will not have requested