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license are still met.” (page 106 handout) If there are competitors seeking the same broadcast license at renewal time, the past performance of the station is also evaluated. If in any case a license is revoked or suspended, the broadcaster has the right to an appeal or review in which the accused or rejected must prove that he or she did not violate the rules set forth in the Communications Act of 1934 or is in the public interest to be granted a license. The application process for a broadcast license is quite complex but seeks to ensure that the public interest is always being served. The rules for such applications were established with the Communications Act of 1934 and continue to remain in effect today. While certain additions and changes have been made in the process

since the original writing, the foresight and prudence of the act and its application process has served the public and its interests well and will continue to serve the public commendably in the future.