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a teen does die of suicide it’s immediately very noticeable. Also, the media tends to report more on teen suicide than on other suicide, it is more dramatic. There is a lot of child abuse out there and most abused children never notice it. Imagine growing up in such a life. This in itself is nothing serious but it can become a life-threatening problem if a child has never learned to find value in life itself. The best way to help those pondering suicide is to support them 100%. Kind words, gentle advice and professional help can all make a difference, but sadly enough there are still thousands of suicides all over the world – everyone needs to work together to help fight this problem, by letting teenagers of today’s society know that there are always someone their to help

them – whether it be in the form of a friend or loved one. Suicide is, as everyone hears, “A permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Suicide right now is rising because a lot of society problems have migrated towards our youth. Many people commit suicide to escape, to leave their current state, for hopefully a better place. Everyone has a different reason or wanting to commit suicide, but usually that reason hides the real reason. Suicide is not the answer, because life gets better, it’s just hard to see past the things that society throws in our faces. suicide will continue to be the answer for many victims, weather it be young or old, this must be stopped. In conclusion, suicide rises every year even with help and intervention, it is imperative that this situation

be prevented, through intervention, therapy, and above all just being there for the victim. Suicide is going to happen but one by one individuals can help, and that one person can make all the difference in the world by saving one life you reduce the factors of suicide to minimize attempts and suicides that happen every year.