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that were first brought about by Robert de Courcon in 1215 (Leff 138). There were regulations on what books could be read, ages for different grades, and the conditions to be observed (Leff 138). The minimum age one could be to study the arts was twenty-one, and the minimum period of study in a particular subject of the arts was four years (Leff 138). The reputation of Oxford University is one full of troubles in its social and political life but very admirable in its scholarly life. Around the 1170 s Oxford University was known as a place lawyers could get very superlative advice (Thompson 2). Oxford was recognized as being one of the leading schools in the teaching of theology and law; however, it was also well known as an exceptional school of medicine and philosophy. In 1911

the vice chancellor of Oxford University had this to say about the reputation of Oxford: To be given the right, and therefore the duty, to speak in this place, and from this Chair, to speak for Oxford and on the high theme of Poetry, is indeed to be accorded a position, which might well overweight event the most competent and confident (Warren 3). Oxford University is a very important part of England s history. In 1355 Edward III paid tribute to the University for its invaluable contribution to learning (Brief 1). In those days being honored by a king was a very big deal, even more so than today (Brief 1). One of the many milestones in the University s history is in 1878, when the first halls were established for women (History 1). This shows the University s willingness to

change against its many years of tradition, which proves that Oxford is an all around exceptional school of learning. Oxford University today has become one of the most highly distinguished schools in the world. Oxford has greatly expanded its number of students having over sixteen thousand in attendance last year (Oxford Facts 1). One quarter of these students are from over seas or some other location out side of England (Oxford Facts 1). This fact shows Oxford University s commitment to trying to attract as many foreign students as possible (Oxford Facts 1). In attendance last year there was one hundred and thirty different nationalities among the student body (Oxford Facts 1). Almost five thousands students are in postgraduate work; of these three thousand are in arts and

humanities. The University of Oxford in Oxford, England has been around for a very long time. It has been giving students an education, and making a history for itself with all of the famous events and people that have been involved with the University. Oxford University has been one of the leading institutions of learning for the better part of nine centuries. All of its existence Oxford has been a very important part of England s society and economy. As well as being a big part in England s past, Oxford is also an important part in England today. The University has had some of the best students attending it and some of the best courses being taught in his halls and colleges. The lives of the students were dependent upon their education and in the end their graduation at Oxford

University. Even though Oxford is a very highly distinguished school of learning, it did have its share of problems with the townspeople, who were being ill-treated by the University and the King of England. Oxford s origins are hard to pinpoint because of it exceedingly old existence but are very interesting. Oxford University is a very distinguishable and significant institution of learning in England s history and present day. 338