The United States As A World Power

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The United States As A World Power: How Much Longer Will The US Be The PolicemanOf The World ? Essay, Research Paper The United States As A World Power: How Much Longer Will The US Be The Policeman of the World ? Juan Valdez The United States has been a super power for decades, and since America has always involved themselves in other countries’ problems. Instead of isolationism, the country has practiced getting involved. Since the Monroe Presidency, America has been named the World’s police force. Dispelling anarchists, and stopping coos, the united states portrays itself as the world protector. Since Monroe, some Americans have felt that isolation is the way to go, and most feel that it is our right to offer assistance. Two recent incidents, Operation Desert Storm and

The War in Bosnia have allowed the United States to show off it’s strength, both on the military and political level. It has also given the chance for America to evaluate it’s foreign policy, but can the World Super-Power continue to police other countries in light of earlier battles, or should the stationed troops pack up and home for good. Americans have always been overseas, protecting or overseeing the peace of another country. During the Monroe administration many US Policies were established, some of which are still in effect today. The Monroe Doctrine, passed into law by Congress under Monroe, has forced the United States to get into so many conflicts with neighboring Latin American countries. Sometimes even European countries declared war on America because of this

doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was delivered by James Monroe to the United States Congress in 1823. Since that time, this document has been the cornerstone of the United States foreign policy. This document was established for two major reasons, both involving European countries on United States soil. The first was Russia, who at the time was planning to establish a colony on the pacific northwest coast, the United States felt that it was a strategic military position, and if ever at war with Russia, it would pose as a threat. The second was that several European nations were planing to help Spain recover some of it’s ?New World’ colonies which had declared independence. The United States saw this as a threat as well. For these reasons, Monroe made an statements to various

nations. “One statement warned Russia that the American continents were ?not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power.” A second warned France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria that any attempt to extend their ? system to any portion of this hemisphere’ would be considered ?dangerous to our peace and safety’ and any attempt to control independent American governments an unfriendly act toward the United States.”1 With these and other statements, John Quincy Adams drew up the Monroe Doctrine, and Congress voted and passed it. The Monroe Doctrine was stressed during the time of Roosevelt’s Presidency. During this era many foreign policies were given up, such as the Platt Amendment. Roosevelt decided that instead of the “Old single-handed

enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine,”2 that they should rely only on the other American nations for the enforcement of their laws. Along with this Roosevelt showed very little signs of strength towards foreign countries. When Cuba was full of riots under the leadership of Machado, Roosevelt did nothing. In 1934 America gave up the Platt Amendment, and removed the marines from Haiti. The Vietnam War was one of the most influential wars in American History. The United States did not actually lose, but ending with a cease fire was considered a loss. When all of the troops returned they were looked upon by the American public scornfully. This caused both the troops and the American citizens to dislike the government. Many riots took place and many public displays happened. “in