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president; George Card. Beverly Hall was given its name in honor of the president that had the first dormitory built, John William Beverly. Tullibody Hall was named after the birthplace of William B. Paterson, which was Tullibody, Scotland. H.C. Trenholm Hall and G.W. Trenholm Hall were named after Harper Council Trenholm and George W. Trenholm. H.C. Trenholm elevated the educational status of the university from a Junior college to a four-year college, and G.W. Trenholm advanced the school to a normal school of education. The unique history of Alabama State University is filled with the dreams of slaves for a better life. Payton Finley made the first step in bringing the dreams of the slaves alive. The obstacles that were overcome by the influential personalities that assisted

in the university’s success will always be an inspiration for students attending this prestigious university. Alabama State University truly has stood by its motto, “A proud tradition…the promise of a bright future!”