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was told to sign on the dotted line, I felt important and I also felt like I had power. Another point is that technology does not use cursive. All computers, keyboards, and even emails all use some other form of writing. The keys on the keyboards, the words on the screen and the letters that I type to friends and family are not cursive. With typing and computers so readily available, the formal use of cursive writing has become obsolete. Most teachers demand that students in middle school and high school use computers for all the writing that is turned in because computers make writing easy to read. Moreover, Professor Griegel demands that all assignment turned in, are done on a computer. In the business world, everything is done on computer. In addition, most written news or

information that is brought to you is not cursive. Newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, typewriters, and instructions of any kind all feature some other sort of writing. These items could be published in cursive, but that is not what the readers want. In the growing industry of email, cursive is not used. Most computers do have a font that looks like or is similar to cursive writing. However, how many times have you seen this in magazines or any other published print? To sum it up, cursive writing, as we know it, is starting to phase out. This established writing is mostly used for each and every one of our unique signatures. This sloppy but faster way of writing has an aesthetic value. Many items and technology doesn?t use cursive. Many people now use lab tops and desktops

to do online banking and emailing. Many people that learned how to write cursive have no idea how to write it now. This unheard writing is one that has very few uses in today world.