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there is no good in life, and unfortunately Tom Robinson would die thing that. When the Maycomb Police were taking him to jail, Robinson made an attempt of escaping. During the ruckus, one of the officers shot his gun as a warning shot, and accidentally shot and killed Tom. “They shot him, he was running away and they shot him…” (235) A tragic end too a not so wonderful life. Tom died with not have had succeeding at anything except for being a nice person-but even that he got punished for in the end. These less fortunate people in the story were forced to endure harsh aspects of life. This might of been their fate’s, but none the less no one should have to go through that. Even today people have to suffer from related problems. Poverty, racism, and social outcasting still

exists today, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it-that is the unfairness of life.