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MacWhite, who works between them, is an example of a person who can turn around this process through honest concern for the population and a set of logical main beliefs planned to deal with Sarkhan s most urgent problems underdevelopment, poverty, and the threat of communism. By revealing the lack of power of those who shape foreign policy, Lederer and Burdick show the way harmful mistakes are made in such a way of the United Sates influence in the world, even more damaging in terms of the outcome of the people whose lives and safety are at risk. This is a book that is certain to develop peoples understanding of the trouble of international affairs. This book shows how people can be busy in the development of diplomacy and it gives readers an important sense of the problems,

which get such sketchy behavior on the nightly news. The Ugly American should be mandatory reading for the people of a participatory democracy, in a way they can understand the mistake of the past and to stop them in repeating it in the future. MacWhite shows an example of the perfect ambassador he is respectful of the culture and customs of his country, sensitive to the need for helping and training on the in every part of diplomatic personnel, MacWhite learned in communist literature and the method which is the beginning of the communist tries to gain power in poor countries that are unable to protect themselves. In order to help stop similar situations in his country, MacWhite goes to study the mistakes of the French military in Vietnam. He leaves out the failures they made at

the battle for Dien Bien Phu and studies communist strategy and Vietnamese territory in order to understand these mistakes. Then he tells his findings to the senior French military command and their American advisors. Since December of 1946 the French have been fighting a war which has been maneuvered by the Communists precisely along the lines which Mao outlined in this pamphlet. You are a military man you will please excuse my bluntness but you made every mistake Mao wanted you to. You ignored his every lesson for fighting on this type of terrain. You neglected to get the political and economic cooperation of the Vietnamese, even though Mao proved long ago that Asians will not fight otherwise… The French commander replies: If you are suggesting, Ambassador MacWhite, that the

nation which produced Napoleon now has to go to a primitive Chinese for military instruction, I can tell you that you are not only making a mistake, you re being insulting. A report proposed to the United States Senate is in the same way dealt with. The report is denied by the proof of an American senator who has spent a short week touring Vietnam. The authors describe the short week s tour as being carefully arranged by American embassy officials have the same opinion on not to allow the senator to see how badly things are going both militarily and in the way of the French and American attempt to win friends in Vietnam for the West. The Senate released information on MacWhite s conditions in Vietnam and the Foreign Office of the removal from office of MacWhite as ambassador

Sarkhan s purpose to the American foreign policy disappointment is as important as the need of careful choice and training of its diplomatic employees. In the end, another ugly American takes over MacWhite job in Sarkhan. As for the failure of America to learn from the mistakes of the French, that is not fiction that is our history. From my point of view this book was very interesting to read. It made me feel like I was actually there. The way these authors wrote it told you exactly how everyone acted and their characteristics. It sort of made me think that it was all true. I would suggest one of my friends to read this for a class. It never lost my interests. Only at the beginning I was sort of confused, but over it was pretty good. 32a