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The Ugly American Essay, Research Paper The Ugly American explained in graphic detail the reasons why American diplomacy was failing in Southeast Asia in the 1950 s and the reasons why communism was succeeding. As a list of events for the struggle for influence in Asia, it caused quite a diplomatic rage. Its lessons seem urgent today because of what is going on in Central America and in the Middle East. Whether the foreign policy mistakes this book overstated have been corrected is an important question. The novel begins with the Honorable Louis Sears, ambassador to the country of Sarkhan, a small underdeveloped country in which communist and American interests are competing for control. Sears has assumed his post as a political substitute is over. Between three terms in the

Senate and a predicted federal judgeship with a long tenure, he s simply filling time in a cushy job with a large entertainment funds and providing living conditions, in a country he had never heard of, serving people he thinks of as little monkeys. A cartoon drawn of Sears as a crying mule was published in a local Sarkhanese newspaper, making it obvious just how the American ambassador seemed to be. Sears is the example of the ugly American. In the following chapter the novel presents the Russian ambassador to Sarkhan, Louis Krupitzyn, a professional whose two-year training period has included instruction in the language and the traditions of the country he has been sent to work in. His entire staff is fluent in Sarkhanese and the culture is somewhat different, which make the

Sarkhanese people unique. The Soviet ambassador makes himself into the ideal Sarkhan. He diets, losing forty pounds; he studies ballet, reads Sarkhanese literature and drama, and becomes a skillful nose flute player in which all as an introduction to an actual diplomacy. With his country s big political goals for Sarkhan and a clear plan, the ambassador is able to take actions to support the communist interest in Sarkhan in many ways, which are the small ways, which include educating the population by getting degrees. Krupitzyn also provokes on purpose when he spies to help strengthen the communist position. For example, a Russian informer planted at an American embassy as translator supplies special information about an American rice shipment which the Russians are able to use

for their own political benefit. The American ambassador is rude and awkward; the Russian is refined and skillful. This theme is implied through out The Ugly American in reference to Burma, Ceylon, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines all the countries the novel looks at. Still, there are people who do not fall into the category of the ugly American. These are tough, hardworking Americans with a strong sense of human pride and the nature of understanding on how to help people. These people are able to win friends for America at the same time that they help improve the living conditions of those who desperately need it. It is not the idea of the American dollars and the establishment of big American projects that these countries need, but people who give their skills

to help the citizens of underdeveloped countries with problems they themselves have helped. In the book these people include: Father Finian, John Cowlin, Edward Hillandale, Tom Knox, and Homer Atkns. The lesson is clear. These pure Americans who remain close to the people of the countries they are working in and are also America s best ambassadors. The book warns the Americans that they cannot match the communist effort to control in underdeveloped countries. All the good they do is easily damaged by the failures of high level diplomats and the lack of a clear plan for dealing with the problems these countries have. If the careless Ambassador Sears and his counterpart and ultimate successor in Sarkhan, Joe Bing, creates enemies rather than friendships for America, Ambassador