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power the front wheel, he used a cable drive system. He added an assembly (See Appendix : Figure 1) on the rear wheel that consists of a gear (A), that is connected parallel to the wheel. This gear drives a smaller gear (B), positioned perpendicular to the wheel. The center of gear (B) is connected to a cable. This cable goes up the frame of the bike (See Appendix : Figure 2) and down the fork to the identical assembly connected to the front wheel. As gear (B) in the rear assembly spins, it spins the cable rapidly, and the spinning cable spins gear (B) in the front assembly, which spins gear (A), and , in turn, drives the wheel. So, now that he can drive both wheels a the same time, why does Becoat think that this design makes his bicycle better any better than any other bike?

His design, as with any bicycle, uses the principle of inertia to keep the bike up on two wheels. But, with both wheels driving the bicycle, the bike will not be only ‘pushed’ forward by the rear wheel, it will also be ‘pulled’ forward by the front wheel. This development should make the bicycle stay up on both wheels easier. Because of this, Becoat claims that turning the bike should be safer for the rider. For example, when one is taking a sharp turn with a conventional bicycle, the bike is prone to slide out from underneath the bicyclist. Becoat says that, because both wheels will be powered, the front wheels will not be a prone to slide on sharp turns. Also, because the front wheel now is ‘pulling’ the bike, the bicycle will be able to climb hills with less

pedaling from the cyclist. He also claims that the bike will be able to ride through snow and mud because it is being pulled forward by the front wheel in addition to the pushing of the rear wheel. (Bicycle Inventor Has Last Laugh) The facts sound great. Who wouldn’t want a two wheel drive bicycle? Well, Becoat has had some problems getting his revolutionary design considered seriously by big bicycle manufacturers. Right now, he sells a two wheel drive retrofit kit that mounts onto most traditional bicycles for $119. He also has a license agreement with MacGregor Sports Products, Inc. to sell two wheel drive bicycles for $150 to $300 to discount stores. But, the big bicycle manufacturers, who cater to the more lucrative high end bicycle market, have shunned him in every one of

his sales pitched to them. So, now, he and another ‘bicycle engineer’ have a joint venture developing a top of the line two wheel drive road bike called the ‘Deuce’. Becoat fully expects to see this creation compete in the Tour de France, where it would give the rider a distinct advantage. (Bicycle Inventor Has Last Laugh) So, it seems things are looking up for Bill Becoat. His design is revolutionary and it will probably take a few more years for the big manufacturers to come around to such a major design innovation. When they do, I hope to be one of the first in line to try out Bill Becoat’s creation. Bibliography B.E Report on Small Business. Black Enterprise. November, 1993, pg. 68 – 72 Bicycle Inventor Has the Last Laugh. Ebony. June, 1993, pg. 69 – 72