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The Truth Essay, Research Paper Hi I think I say I cry For we can?t see Or realize Our fate Not shown yet casted in slate The grown Don?t even hesitate to ignore and wait to late for They see it as a chore too broad a subject to explore too set our ways too closed our doors to many days have come and gone not correcting what is wrong yet still life goes on Why do we learn to share as youths The truth we still don?t see for you and me forgot it?s trapped inside our thoughts not coming out not free to be about nothing i can say aloud but proud i will write no worry?s of a fight not scared of the bite Greed to want not to need to bite the hand that feeds i want more demand don?t pleed cut down the tree don?t plant the seed how long until we see me i can?t be the only one there

are tons why don?t they talk and walk the walk our length of time is unknown before the bomb will be blown and cast the shadow on every home then no issues to discuss no talk no fuss no trucks no bus no passion no lust no shine just rust just a faint gust of past how the humans did not last Neverending is time like a crime that plagues or mind tick tock we don?t stop and think to be and feel the sea and the grass between our toes the fragrence to our nose why when it?s time to die we try and absorb like we?ve never been here before time keeps us sore deep into the core more and more it will sink for we will never link the fact that time equals stress the crest of our attitudes all longitudes and latitudes a build up of filled up emotion it?s time to meet the quotient Still we sit

and wait to teach to late we can?t convense ourselves just keep stacking on the shelves maybe even we try but it is that you have to pry for these or our lives but ignorence is bliss or is it this we will accept as we have left cancer to grow the hair to fro the boat to row the seas to flow until they flood upon our lands passed our sands into our hands a burrdon is placed tiss we were graced but thats erased shot into space a place we don?t know scared we are of this the great obiss whats waiting for us to miss slowly we are hesitating this to me feels degrating why sit react procrastation killed the cat or something like that we dream of what we wish was fact like a shell not yet cracked why are we here comes a tear to my eye as if we are just a lie a small small peice of pie

not to tall not to wide but still we are stuck inside the crust is flustered with the dust from our minds and time and greed and what we think we do not see and the way we only focus on whats presented to our imagination we can?t wait too long lets make the wrong become the wrongs turn the wisper into a song for soon we will be gone until then life goes on… by, Matt McDaniel 1/10/2000