The Truth About Our Sexuality Essay Research

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The Truth About Our Sexuality Essay, Research Paper The Truth about Our Sexuality The Catholic faith does not dislike sex. Our modern day society of death would probably disagree. The fact is, however, that our sex-crazed society simply does not understand our Church s view of sexuality and celibacy; it does not understand the truth. Our society sees sexuality as a way of gaining personal pleasure, but the truth about sex is that it is the giving of ourselves to our spouse in the marital relationship. The wrong in our society is very obvious. Pornographic images, lustful magazines, horrible slang terms, and disgusting songs bombard today s youth; all of these trash our ways of thinking and distort our vision of the truth. Instead of seeing the life-giving power of sex, we see

a way to gain pleasure, pride and power. This issue puts very much at stake in our lives. This is not just a simple disagreement, but human life at its weakest! Before life can even exist there must be love and a solid commitment in marriage, but if we see sex as a way of personal achievement, where is the commitment? And, furthermore, what happens to the life that may result from sex? Our society has come up with an answer to these questions: contraception. How animalistic are we? Just take a look around. What will you see? Turn on the television, open up a magazine, or listen to the radio. You probably won t have to wait long to hear something about some type of contraceptive. We have both deceived ourselves and allowed Satan to win one of the largest spiritual battles fought

over man! Contraception is like putting a premium on vice. It makes men and women reckless. Nature is relentless and will have full revenge for any such violation of her laws. If contraception becomes the order of the day, nothing but moral degradation can be the result. As it is, man has sufficiently degraded woman for his lust, and contraception, no matter how well meaning the advocates may be, will still further degrade her (Gandhi). There are several forms of contraception, each one destroying human life in its own way. Women may even purchase abortion pills now and have an abortion in the walls of their own homes. All of these forms serve only to further the humiliation of man and separate us from heaven. Because sexuality is the very basis of marriage, it is safe to say

that as sex goes, so does marriage, and because mainly married people run our world, it is safe to say that as marriage goes, so does our world. What direction do you think the world is headed in? Theodore Roosevelt tells us that contraception is the one sin for which the penalty is national death, race death; a sin for which there is no atonement. How can we change? This world literally offers us nothing but lies, but if we turn to Christ, there we shall find the truth. Turn To Christ! For many of us, this may be new and somewhat difficult information to hear. Perhaps without full understanding you have made decisions in your life that are contrary to this important teaching of Christ. You may even have been given a misguided blessing by someone you trusted. Do not despair!

Never lose sight of God s mercy! The Lord is always ready to forgive us, heal us, and restore us to communion with Him and with each other when we turn to Him with a humble, contrite heart (Christopher West).