The Truth About Fast Food Essay Research

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The Truth About Fast Food Essay, Research Paper The truth about fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are a very quick and easy way to get food if you are in a hurry, but there is a dark side to this convenience. Most fast food restaurants are generally bad for both people and the environment. The production of food is in a way harmful to the environment. The food itself is a potential risk to people s health. In addition many people, who prefer a fast food meal to a home cooked one, do not realize that in fact they spend more money than they should. The number of burgers, and other fast cooked meals made with meat, eaten every day is enormous. This means that the number of cattle needed for meat is also huge. To satisfy the growing demand for meat forests throughout

the world are being slashed to create fields for the cattle. Many countries once covered with deep forests are suffering today from the lack of wood and shelter. A lot of different species of forest animals and birds are becoming extinct because they have no place to live. The trees are also an essential in creating oxygen, which is becoming more of a problem every day. All this is happening in order for so many people to enjoy fast cooked meals every day. The food served in most fast food restaurants is very high in fats and cholesterol. People, who regularly eat fast cooked meals, are causing themselves a great danger loading their organisms with fats and building up cholesterol in their blood vessels. That is why we see so many people suffering from being overweight and having

hart attacks. Even though they keep coming for more poisonous food every day. It became an addiction for some. Sure it tastes good and is very convenient, but what is better: to eat it every day and then suffer, or to be healthy and enjoy life? People tend to spend an extremely huge amount of money to satisfy their hunger with fast cooked food, which is not even good for them, instead of spending less money and a little more time so they can enjoy a healthy home cooked meal. There are so many great things you can buy in your local food store that are a lot cheaper and taste a hundred percent better than the best burger in town. All you need is a little effort to buy it and to prepare it and you save some money, which you can spend on something else. Plus you will feel better

about yourself. All these examples support the idea that fast food restaurants are not as good as they seem. In fact they are in many ways harmful to people and the surrounding environment. People have to understand that in the long run they will lose more than can gain now, and they will pay for it with their success, health, and even lives.