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The Truman Show Essay, Research Paper TRUMAN SHOW 1/ IN THE TRUMAN SHOW, TRUMAN WAS ADOPTED BY A CORPORATION, RAISED IN A FAMILY AND PROVIDED WHAT MOST WOULD CONSIDER A NORMAL LIFE . WHAT IT MORALLY RIGHT FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE? EXPLAIN. Certainly from my point of view this is not morally right to do what was done to Truman Burbank because he lived in a world where he was literally trapped in his own life by the surreal existence in which he has been forced to spend every day of his thirty years. Since the day he was born Truman Burbank’s life was controlled from a huge control panel in the sky; controlled by a manipulation of how life should be, in a perfect world . This things cannot be done because he has the same right as the person who was manipulating his life to now

the truth or at least what be consider to be the real truth, because after watching this film you ask yourself if you now the truth or if you are also been manipulated. The Truman show distinctly reveals how we are forever surrounded by the manipulative effects of media and that each of us like Truman are held captive in a world that has been altered without our permission. We in our own lives are held captive to the effects of media. In every direction we move we will always come to a wall, some form of media or advertising will stop us and attract our attention. It is a reality that we are not aware of and we can not escape. We in the real world, are much like Truman, held in captivity to this media that is influencing the society. The silent, but lethal effects are evident and

do affect considerable risk to our race. This is well shown in the movie The Truman Show, even if we still remain to ignore it, in an ignorance to what is right and what is wrong in our society. Media has proved to have a negative effect, as it sometimes leads ordinary people into doing things that they other wise would not have done without the influence of media. Media has the ability to train peoples opinions; this takes away the freedom we are born with, the ability to think for ourselves and to make objective decisions. And that is what the manipulator of the show is doing, he is forbidding the innocent Truman of having his own life making free decisions without having been influenced by anyone or manipulating. What this men have done that is certainly not morally (at least

for me) is that they have forbidden Truman to now the reality. But for Truman it is not like this because he thinks that the hole world is like that, because for him the truth is what he sees The director is lying to him and this can never be correct in any sense, they have crated him a world which is not real since he is isolated form the outer world. Even if it can be said that he is lucky from a materialistic point of view, because in our days in this world life is hard and he could have suffer a lot if he was free from that unreal world all this can not be justify because they have lied to him. Another interesant point is that this lie is carrying him to not knowing the human truth, because life is being composed of small things in which the person is manifested in a

spontaneous form of behaving with his relatives, because he lives in a perfect world were he does not has any problem and since he does not has any problem he can not be able to excuse, to forgive someone and after all he has been deprive of having the pleasure of forgiving someone, because after you forgive someone you feel well and this is something that Truman may not feel. Also what the director is doing is not morally correct because they are recording him 24 hours a day 365 days a year without publicity. And Truman does not has knowledge of what they are doing to him so they are forbidden him something so important to a person that is his privacy, because he does not has any moment in his life a personal moment for him. Also it is intolerable what they are doing to him