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that hero which he is capable of becoming. Faustus though, does not jump on his opportunity. At the end of his life, his conscience appears to him, this time in the form of an old man who pleads with Faustus to leave his damned course and repent: Ah Doctor Faustus, that I might prevail To guide thy steps unto the way of life, By which sweet path though may’st attain the goal That shall conduct thee to celestial rest. (line 26-29) Mephastophilis, however, appears and presents Faustus with a dagger and threatens: “‘Faustus, come thine hour is come!’ (line 41).” Faustus asks Mephastophilis for forgiveness and offers to reaffirm his vow with Lucifer. This is Faustus’ last chance to become a hero, but he lets it slip through his fingers. One might think that Dr. Faustus

actually does repent, and that he does become the hero he deserves to be. In his final words he denounces Mephastophilis and wishes he had just a little more time so he could “repent and save his soul (line 64).” However, when one delves deeper into the life that Faustus lived, it is obvious that he did not repent. During his twenty four years of “voluptuousness”, not once does Faustus’ conscience cause him to think about repenting. Only at the beginning of the play, before he begins to be served by Mephastophilis, and at the end of his life, when he realizes that he is damned and that he has no opportunity to repent, does he even entertain the idea of atoning. Thus, Dr. Faustus can never be considered a hero. However, unlike Dr. Faustus, Prince Henry does accomplish

the feat of becoming a hero. While at the beginning of the play, it appears that Hal does not really care what happens to himself or his father’s kingdom, throughout the play, he slowly takes on his role of prince. He finishes his destiny of becoming a hero with his defeat of the warring Percys. A hero is defined as “b. a man of courage and nobility famed for his military achievements c. a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities and considered a model or ideal (Webster’s dictionary).” Prince Henry exemplifies both of these definitions. After he defeats his enemy, Hotspur, it is obvious that the people of England changed their view of him and began looking up to him. Now with this new found admiration, Prince Henry has gained the title of ‘hero.’ Dr.

Faustus on the other hand, never reaches this point in his life. Numerous times, he has the ability to repent and turn around his life, but his desire for evil prevails. Both characters possessed the right qualities to become a hero, but only Prince Henry took advantage of them. As the audience can see, the only thing that matters is what someone perceives of themselves. No matter how much influence society has on someone, if they have it in them to succeed, they will. Consequently, anyone can prevail in becoming a hero.