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that the quality of his necktie is pretty good, but the Chinese name is not suitable. At first, Mrzhen didn’t believe it. He refuted that lion is the king of the beast. And gold is also very peculiar material. Why it was a failure? His friend told him that the homophonic word of “金狮” in Chinese is “今输”. It is not a lucky name to Chinese. Mrzhen was deeply inspired by his friend’s words. He thought over and over, and finally, he give his necktie a new Chinese name “金利来”. This new translated name include not only the free translation, “金”(gold), but also the homophonic translation,“利来”(lion). This name has both the meaning of riches ,honor(金) and lucky(利来). It gives our Chinese great language imagination. And it soon

became the worldwide famous brand . 2.2. Some examples of the perfect translated term With the reformation and open to the world, many world famous brands come to us. It is not hard for we to notice that many foreign products are translated into Chinese with lucky words. In the following part, I will give a form to enumerate as many this kinds of commodities as I can. From them we can see that “可口可乐” is just a member of this big family. 345