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immediate supervisors as he gives to his salespeople. To receive it, sales manager must keep his supervisor informed of (1) the objectives toward which each of his salespeople has agreed to work; and (2) the progress of each of his reps toward those objectives. Good communications of this kind enable his supervisor to assist him with suggestions, new directions, or even help in the field. Regular reports keep supervisor informed of manager’s progress in attaining agreed-upon objectives and enable this key person to be helpful in his development. Sales manager should report to supervisor with ends in mind, thereby developing a sound two-way flow of communications. Under the guidance of a motivating sales manager, sales reps can put their heads together and run their area of

operations to great effect. Teamwork inspires innovation. Alert field sales manager should build such a relationship with his sales reps that ideas can flow freely from one to the other. Communications of this kind stimulate and maintain high morale and are of incalculable value to the entire organization. Conclusion As you can see the problem of transition from selling to managing is very urgent for any commercial firm nowadays. Firms need qualified, well-educated specialists for effective management. Sales managers must be able work in team with salespeople, plan their job, build systems of downward and upward communications. There is must be warm relationship and understanding between sales manager and salespeople. The manager now represents management and he must be able to

explain, sell, and implement firm’s policies. There are some contrasts between seller and manager. It is two different jobs. If salesperson wants to be sales manager he must clear understand this distinction. The material of report is the minimum not to be a poor specialist and to reach some objectives in management. That’s why it is necessary for information of businessman, manager and salesperson, and for me as a future financier and possibly as a manager.