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Indians. Many of which walked without shoes, or much clothing, and during the long grueling walk many of the elders and young children died. The dead had to be carried until they reached “allotted stops” at which 1/3 of the participants of this walk were buried along the way. At the end of the 8th amendment there is a line they protects citizens from excessive abuse and ill treatment. “nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” All would agree that those lost along the way to Oklahoma were victims of unlawful acts. Those that survived till the forts were met with only more torture through lack of human necessities like food, rest, safety, and sense of self and family. The evidence shown above proves that the Indians were denied the right to the judicial system. Also,

after the treaty of New Echota the most tragic days of Indian history took place. The Cherokee were striped of religious beliefs, ways of life, and their right to place. As they were marched away like slaves, many would never see family again and many would not survive the trip. This grave mistreatment of people, American citizens or not, is exactly what the U.S. is against and is fighting back against to this day. Over a century later some land was returned but it was to little to late, because the damage to the Indian generations to come had taken its downward spiraling grip.